Google is adding over 2 dozen animals to its AR zoo

9to5Google has recently reported that Google is bringing around 27 more animals to 3D Search soon, including some exotic and rare species of animals like dogs, hippos, red panda, and fennec fox. A mythological unicorn is also going to find its way in the AR Zoo of Google.

Many animals have already come in this AR Zoo amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but now due to the extreme popularity of Netflix’s Tiger King series, Google has decided to bring more animals with rare breeds.

As per 9to5Google’s report, the 3D animals that are going to come in Search soon include Akita, Beagle, Border Collie, Bulldog, Cane Corso, Chihuahua, Coyote, Dachshund, Doberman, Donkey, Fennec fox, German Shepherd, Giraffe, Hamster, Hippo, Kitten, Milk cow, Ox, Pig, Pitbull, Ragdoll, Red panda, Siberian Husky, Sphynx, Unicorn, Welsh Corgi, and Zebra.

It is not known yet when these animals will start appearing in Google Search, and what other varieties of animals will be there. These are just some details about the upcoming models that were spotted.

Since last year, Google has been adding one thing after another to provide a wonderful Augmented Reality experience to its users. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, when the world was locked down and staying at home, people ended up exploring and having a lot of fun with the objects that Google had added in the AR experience till that time. There were a lot of animals in Google’s AR Zoo, and later, in August, Google introduced more than a hundred 3D objects to be searched in Google and explored from the sanctuary of homes even when lockdowns have started to lift in various regions in the world.

These 3D objects were divided into different categories. The category of Space included celestial bodies like planets, moons, suns, stars, space crafts, satellites, etc. The category of biology is comprised of different human organs, body parts, anatomical systems, etc. All these things are meant to give kids and students a learning experience in 3D and AR, to enhance their understanding while giving them a chance to be greatly imaginative.

For the subject of Chemistry, to explain the concepts better, Google added objects with models like 1-Bromobutane, Alkane, Chemical bond, Chemical compound, Covalent bond, Electrolyte, Ethene, Functional group, Hydrocarbon, Ionic bonding, Metallic bonding, Methyl acetate, Orbital hybridization, Organic chemistry, Propanol, Quantum mechanical model, Salicylic acid, etc.

So, by looking at these 3D objects that Google has added so far in the Search with AR experience, it seems that it is intending to teach the kids with a whole new perspective by adding creativity, knowledge, and ways to learn difficult terms.

And now with the new animals in the AR Zoo, it is surely going to become more interesting!

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