IFTTT Is Introducing A New Pro Version To Let Users Set Their Own Price

IFTTT is one of those apps that people used to dream of back when this kind of technology was coming up and was therefore becoming far more important by the day and its potential was starting to become a bit easier for the average person to understand. The app’s name stands for IF This Then That. Essentially you would be able to set up what are called applets that would trigger certain functions such as for example if the bell rings your music is turned off and a light in the hallway is turned on.

This app is now introducing a Pro version that seems to be the kind of thing that would take this app to a whole new level. Now, the fact of the matter is that the free version of the app is no longer going to have the same level of functionality. You are now going to be limited to three applets in the free version, and each applet would only be able to trigger a single action so you would be highly limited with regards to the number of actions that you would be able to have the app perform on your behalf, this new limit is a bit disappointing development for a lot of loyal users, and they reacting on it on social media platforms.

One thing that is truly amazing about this app has to do with the fact that while the suggested price is $9.99 per month, the truth of the situation is that you would be given the option to pay any amount you choose with a minimum of $1.99. Your choice would be valid for a whole year, and users will have until the 7th of October to avail this offer. Hence, users might just be able to use IFTTT’s new pro version for a very low price for a year, and this is certainly going to allow the app to get a lot more users although some are criticizing the app for potentially creating smarthome traps since there isn’t an easy mechanism put in place to stop a domino effect once an action has been triggered.

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