Facebook’s New Initiative Will Help Improve Digital Literacy Among People

The pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other and the usage of digital platforms has surged during the coronavirus forced lockdowns. Facebook has been working to improve its services to help people combat problems caused due to the pandemic and help people stay safe while using digital platforms. The social media giant has taken several steps to combat the spread of misleading information across its platform, and now the company has launched a new initiative to help improve digital literacy among school students. Since several students across the globe are returning to school in digital form, Facebook’s new ‘Get Digital’ program will help keeps users safe while signing into their online lessons.

The social media giant explained that it understands back-to-school looks different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, teachers, as well as students across the globe, are facing several challenges. These challenges include remote learning and teaching, and balancing your home and work responsibilities, while also maintaining the safety of all people involved. Called the ‘Get Digital’ program, it offers lesson plans for schools and families, and it also provides activities that will help people build core competencies and skills required to safely navigate the digital world.

This program has its own mini-website and offers a range of courses on different elements of digital connection. Furthermore, it includes dedicated sections for teachers, students, as well as parents. Additionally, in order to provide guidance and assistance for young users, the social media giant will host a series of live events this month. A range of key concerns will be addressed in these live events, and the first live session discusses issues related to mental health among young people.

Several resources which are available on this platform are similar to the resources available on the Parents Portal hub of Facebook, however, with an extra dedicated focus on digital literacy. In August of this year, the social media giant also introduced a similar ‘Educator Hub’ resource. But the new Get Digital program is more aimed at catering to young students too. This could be a transformative shift. As students are logging in online due to the pandemic, several businesses and schools across the world are likely finding that there are benefits and efficiencies to home learning. This could ultimately make educational resources like Facebook’s Get Digital more relevant, and it seems that digital literacy should be on the school curriculum.

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