Facebook seems to be working on bringing a ‘My Posts’ section for groups

Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and a mobile developer has recently tweeted that Facebook seems to be working on bringing a new section in groups. It is going to be called ‘My Posts’, and it will most likely let the users search for all their posts within the groups.

Not much is known about this feature, but Paluzzi says that it is quite self-explanatory.

He has posted a screenshot of the tools that are available for everyone individually when they join a group. The options of ‘Following,’ ‘Pin Group,’ ‘Share,’ ‘Notification Settings,’ ‘Report Group,’ and ‘Leave Group’ have always been there, but ‘My Posts’ is the new section that he has added to show people how it is probably going to look.

This is going to be quite a nice addition and it will let users search and sort their posted comments, links, or any media that they have shared in the group easily and very quickly.

However, as pointed out by several people who commented on Paluzzi’s tweet, you can check out your own posts by different other methods too. In fact, if you type your name in the search bar of a particular group, you will be able to see everything you have posted in the group so far. Another option that sometimes works is that by clicking on your name in a group, all your posts will come up front. However, it works more efficiently if you look for someone else’s posts; nonetheless, it just means that there are several other methods to look for your posts in groups if you wish to.

So, what difference will this new section bring? It is not known yet, as the feature has not rolled out and it has just been ‘leaked’ by Paluzzi. It is probably going through a testing phase and no one knows when it will officially be available for the users. Even Paluzzi has not claimed anything about knowing the exact functionality of this section, but the speculation is that it will make the search for your own posts quite efficient and quick with a quick shortcut. And it will be a designated section, so, you will not have to go through the effort of typing your name in the search bar and then skim through all your comments, and anything that you have posted in the group so far. So, let us wait and see how this feature looks and what benefits it brings for the users if it rolls out eventually.

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