Epic Games Files A Legal Challenge Against Apple In An Attempt To Force It To Bring Fortnite Back To App Store

The creator of the hugely popular game Fortnite, Epic Games, is still trying to force the iPhone maker to restore Fortnite to Apple App Store while both the companies duke it out over whether the rules of Apple on in-app purchases are legal. Epic Games has made another move to try and get the court to reinstate the game to App Store, and on Friday, it filed a preliminary injunction against the iPhone maker that would force Apple to put the game back on App Store. The complete hearing for this overall case has been scheduled for 28 of this month.

Epic told the court that the number of daily active players of the Fortnite game on iPhone has decreased by 60% since Fortnite was banned from Apple’s App Store on August 27 of this year. It added that the actions of Apple will ‘wreak havoc’ on the existing community of Fortnite. Fortnite has 350 million registered users, and more than 116 million of these 350 million users are iOS users. The game is also playable on PCs, macOS, Android, PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One. The game has also been banned from macOS. Epic Games say that 63% of players on iOS only access the game on Apple devices.

In its new filing against Apple, Epic Games has claimed that Fortnite is banned from App Store for one year which will do irreparable damage, and the firm is worried that Epic Games may never see these users again. In addition to that, as the developer account of Epic Games has also been terminated by Apple, Epic’s other titles and their players are also affected. Epic Games added that those users who continue to play the Fortnite game on iOS are playing for significantly fewer hours each week.

Epic’s new move comes after it was partially denied a restraining order to try and force the iPhone maker to bring Fortnite back to App Store. The judge said that Epic strategically chose to breach the agreements with the iPhone maker. The fight between both the companies started on August 13 of this year when Fortnite was updated so all in-app purchases were made through Epic’s payment system. In response, Google and Apple took off the game from Play Store and App Store, respectively, citing violations of their policies. On the other hand, Epic Games argues that this anti-competitive.

Photo: BARTOSZ SIEDLIK/AFP via Getty Images

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