China Launches International Data Security Initiative Amidst Global Pressure

The Cold War between the US and China has been escalating for quite some time now, and the latest move that the US has made to try and hurt China has involved casting aspersions on Chinese practices regarding privacy and data security. This has meant that big name Chinese tech companies, with TikTok’s parent company ByteDance being a pretty visible example of this, are now facing problems with their operations in a lot of different countries. The US has given TikTok a deadline to sell off its various US holdings in an attempt to make sure that the service is run by a local company that would have acquired the foreign brand.

As a response to the US banning Chinese apps and also putting pressure on other countries to follow suit, China has announced a global initiative that is meant to ensure that data protection can become a priority. This initiative highlights eight key points that are meant to become ethical guidelines for nations to use their power around data as well as their influence over the internet in general. Several of the points address problems that the US undoubtedly had with the Chinese government and how it could potentially end up influencing various companies that were based in that country.

Some of the guidelines include not damaging critical infrastructure or infringing upon the data privacy of citizens, and in general these guidelines actually seem quite useful if one wanted to create a situation where countries would end up controlling the manner in which they would treat data. Some might say that the Chinese are pretty much only doing this so that they have some kind of ammunition for their propaganda machine, while others are praising China for creating the first standardized set of rules that might take humanity one step closer towards regulating a battlefront that had up until this point been a lot like the wild west.

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