TikTok seems to be working on a battery saver option

Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher has tweeted that the famous short-form video-sharing app TikTok is likely to be working on bringing a Battery Saver option to its app settings.

According to a screenshot that he shared, in the app’s Settings and Privacy section, there are options for App language, Content preferences, Digital Wellbeing, Family Pairing, Accessibility, and the option of Battery Saver at the end of the list.

Battery Saver options are extremely preferable in most cases. Many apps provide this feature in their default settings, however, TikTok users probably needed it the most. While creating videos, the app uses a lot of the device’s battery and probably heats it or slows down the processor too. With a Battery Saver option, the user can easily turn it on and bring the app in a less-battery consuming mode than its normal.

It will also give a lot of peace of mind to the users because they can focus more on creating, consuming or editing videos rather than worrying about their device’s dying battery. Sometimes, it really hampers the thought process if you know that your device’s battery is dying, and you need to start looking for a charger before your device shuts down.

Not to mention the excessive heat a heavy running app produces and how it slows down the device’s processor, often causing other apps to either crash or your device to freeze.

So, this is a welcome change in the settings of TikTok and it will greatly benefit the app users. Maybe it should work on some other things like diminishing background light of the device or some reminder messages to let the users know that their device’s battery is draining. Or to bring a feature like the ‘Grayscale Mode’ on Android 10 onwards, which helps the users conserve their device’s battery life. But of course, for a particular app like TikTok, the Grayscale Mode cannot be integrated without affecting the quality of the videos. So, something like a slowly graying scale of the videos on the app can better indicate that the time to go for a charger is closing.

TikTok is working on this setting while the app is going through a pretty hard time. Having tussles with countries like the US, the UK, and India, the Chinese app is trying hard to survive somehow for the millions of users who love TikTok.

Let us see when the company eventually rolls out this Battery Saver setting option for the masses.

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