Twitter Might Soon Introduce Audio Messaging For DMs

A few month ago Twitter rolled out the feature of letting users attach voice clips with their tweets. Now taking the experience to a whole new level, the micro-blogging platform is ready to test audio DMs as well with some specific users.

As first revealed by social media app researcher Matt Navarra, the screenshots posted by him on Twitter shows that the developers are calling this feature “audio messaging” and with this, users will finally be able to record voice messages and send them to people in their DMs instead of dealing with the characters limit on the platform.

However, it is expected that the audio messaging feature too will have a limit of 140 seconds for each clip - pretty much like the standard twitter format - and the recording button will soon be found at the extreme right of the message composer bubble.

Another proof of this function was also caught by mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi who checked the back-end code only to see three different versions of DM audio recording sequence.

While no one is really sure about the final version of UI there is one thing for sure that Twitter is getting ready for a broader release this time. But for now, the feature is only being tested among some users in Brazil.

Audio tweets, on the other hand, took a great start with a number of celebrities also jumping onto the opportunity to use the feature with cool voice clips. But that buzz soon disappeared and now we hardly see anyone posting audio clips in their tweets.

If we look at the brighter side of it then audio tweets was only introduced by Twitter to let more people enjoy the platform in a way that might seem to be more easy. A good example of such a case can be vision-impaired users who can now engage with what’s going on Twitter without having to write well.

Audio messages will only bring the similar kind of ease and provide users a more creative option to connect with overs via DM. We agree that it might just not be a “game-changer” thing but it can be an interesting option which two people can choose to connect better - after all voices create trust in the world of messages.

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