Apple Prepares Rollout of Tens of Millions of 5G iPhones

The rollout of 5G mobile internet has been widely discussed, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it would be an enormous next step in making the world far more connected than it currently is. This is because of the fact that 5G internet is going to be a great deal faster than what 4G might be offering at this point in time, and it seems like we finally have our first concrete indication that the worldwide rollout of 5G is on its way.

This indication is that Apple’s suppliers have started making tens of millions of 5G capable iPhones. These phones are probably going to be the next generation in Apple’s flagship line, and they will be instrumental in helping 5G become commonplace all around the world. Apple seems to be confident that these phones would sell extremely well since it has apparently instructed its suppliers to provide as many as 80 million units. This is a bold move since having this many units made in one go seems to indicate that Apple feels like the phone would be practically flying off the shelves.

What’s important to note is that this isn’t the only thing that Apple is doing in order to make it so that 5G becomes commonplace all around the world. The tech giant is also looking into things like 5G capable iPads and Apple Watches. This means that the tech company wants to make it so that pretty much every device it provides would be capable of handling 5G mobile internet. 5G is so incredibly fast that it would make even modern day broadband speeds seem slow in comparison, so a whole tech ecosystem built around such speeds is definitely going to change the world in a wide variety of ways.

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