Facebook Messenger to Get Separate Section for Reported Chats

Facebook Messenger is in many ways Facebook’s attempt to create a messaging experience that wouldn’t take users too far from the main social media platform that the company earns most of its money from. Messenger has successfully become a popular app in a wide variety of ways, and this is something that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and other such platforms has not really had all that much of an impact on if you think about it. Messenger is still a popular app because of the fact that people can use it in very specific contexts that are relevant if you, like billions of other people, use social media on a regular basis.

Hence, Facebook has been trying to update is Messenger product so that it remains relevant in an increasingly competitive tech world that is seeing the rise of a number of apps that seek to supplant the WhatsApp/Messenger duopoly. One recent update, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, that has come in involves a separate section for reported chats. This can be quite useful for people that are trying to find a way in which they can end up keeping some kind of a record of chats that they were forced to report.

This can also generate a lot of useful data that can help Facebook enforce its community guidelines and turn its social media platform into a much more positive space. However, some people are criticizing Facebook for prioritizing a feature that doesn’t have all that much value instead of a feature that would allow people to enable or disable message requests. This is a feature that, according to some, might be far more effective at giving users more control over the kind of experience they end up having on the platform. Still, Facebook has at least made some changes and although a lot of users might feel like these changes aren’t all that worth it the truth is that they might be a step in the right direction.

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