Android Smartphone Manufacturers Are Putting Logos On Pictures That Users Capture, And That’s Annoying

Based on the operating system, there are various types of smartphones available out there in the market - Android smartphones, Windows phones, Fire Phone of Amazon, and iOS smartphones. While Apple produces some of the top-selling models, most Android smartphones are popular due to their affordable prices. Many people argue that iPhones are the best smartphones and offer the best user experience. However, there are still millions of people across the globe who love and use Android smartphones.

According to a report published by Statista back in August of this year, currently, 3.8 billion people across the globe use an Android smartphone. Some people might say that Android phones are better because they offer more flexibility, functions, and freedom of choice. Although iPhones are the best mobiles available out there, Android handsets provide a better combination of features and value as compared to Apple’s iPhones. They are less expensive and offer the 3.5mm headphone jack that most iPhones lack. iPhone 7 and upper models do not come with a 3.5mm audio jack, and users need to use a dongle to listen to music on these phones.

Furthermore, Apple offers fewer customization options while Google offers thousands of widgets and provides users with everything ranging from note-taking to music playback. However, there is one thing annoying about Android smartphones. Several Android smartphone manufacturers are putting logos or watermarks on each image captured by that phone. You might have experienced this thing in which the watermark appears at the bottom left corner of the image. Although you can remove this logo in various ways, it is still very annoying for most people that why watermarked promotion in on by default.

You can remove these logo by careful cropping or using an image editor. However, sometimes you might need to recreate a shot or you can also choose to live with that dumb watermark on your shot. Manufacturers are making efforts to grab market share, and they are doing their best to advertise their company logo, however, putting the watermark on every image captured by the camera is annoying and offensive. No one likes this feature, and smartphone manufacturers need to stop doing this. While we are waiting for Android smartphone manufacturers to remove this feature, you can also turn it off. You need to open the Camera app of your mobile and go to settings. You will need to find an option that says disable ‘watermark,’ ‘logo,’ or something similar. Disabling it will turn off the feature.


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