YouTube’s New Data on Rising Trends amid the Pandemic Highlights That Museum Tours, Face Masks, and Home Workouts Were Among The Top Viewer Searches

The usage of video platforms has surged during the coronavirus pandemic as people are locked in their homes during the lockdowns forced due to the pandemic. People are spending more time on video platforms such as YouTube. The Google-owned platform has now shared new insights into rising topic trends during the coronavirus lockdowns. These insights are based on viewer searches as well as behaviors across the globe.

It is interesting to note that similar topic trends were reflected in almost all regions of the world, YouTube notes. The company stated that the global COVID-19 pandemic is not over, however, its shocking onset allowed the company to record an astonishing uniformity in trends across the globe. These similar trends helped the company to demonstrate the reality of the shared needs of people across the world. The data reflects a universality to the current human experience.

Among the rising topic trends, the company highlights the growth in views for videos related to home workout and restaurant-style presentation. As gyms shut down across the globe during the pandemic, people are watching more videos related to home workout to maintain fitness. Daily views of videos related to workout with no equipment or home workout have surged.

On the other hand, videos about creating restaurant-style cuisine have gained popularity since restaurants have been closed across the world. Videos related to making meals at home have been trending in several countries including Argentina, UAE, and Australia. Searches for museum tours and face masks have also been increased on the platform. According to the company, daily views of videos about museum tours have increased by 60%. Several creators and craftivists shared tutorials on making face masks. Tutorials about DIV face mask sewing have been watched more than 400 million times since March 15 of this year.

The interest of people in Dalgona coffee or sourdough bread has also been increased. Videos about Dalgona coffee have been trending in Canada, Egypt, Japan, and South Korea. People are also searching for videos instructing them about gardening.

Since people are deprived of the professionals who tended to cut hair, they turned to YouTube to learn how to cut hair. This trend indicates that individuals across the world valued their appearance. The company calculated all graphs using in-country views of aggregated clips, and videos were grouped on the basis of metadata. The date range for all views is Feb 1 through May 1 of this year.

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