Heads-up Creators! YouTube will stop sending emails to your subscribers regarding the latest updates and live streams

In a strange turn of events, YouTube has finally realized something interesting. The emails that it sends to the subscribers who opt for alert notifications from the channels they have subscribed are more of an inconvenience to the people and hardly 0.1% of these emails are ever opened. So, YouTube has decided that its ‘New YouTube video email notifications’ will no longer be sent.

YouTube has announced that from Thursday, 13th August 2020, this feature will be gone. There will be no emails from then onwards to the subscribers who had opted to receive alerts about new updates about the latest videos, premiers, and live streams from the channels they have subscribed to, and whose notifications YouTube used to send since a very long time. The one and only method from now on will be through Android, iOS, and web notifications.

The reason why YouTube finally decided to bring this change is that they found out that hardly anyone opens these emails that it sends, and there are various other methods also to publicize YouTube videos instead of flooding the inboxes of subscribers or keep pestering them through emails that most of the time go to Junk without them eve being opened!

Besides, these days, social media marketing plays a major role in promoting something, and videos can easily be promoted through the famous social media platforms through official YouTube handles. And then sharing and re-sharing of these videos is another way to promote them.

Google has also said that it is important for people to focus on things that actually matter. So, these emails take a lot of inbox space and also divert the attention of the users from their other important mails. In a way, by stopping to send these emails, YouTube is going to help people pay more attention and easily spot the mails that are far more important than YouTube video alerts. This is a wonderful approach and is very thoughtful of YouTube.

An important thing to notice is that YouTube did not take this decision just randomly. YouTube has experimented with this before and they found out that by turning off email alerts, there is going to be no impact on the watch time. So, this is good news for the Creators as well, who probably thought that their emails help increase their watch time- well, they do not!

In fact, YouTube’s various tests revealed that turning off email alerts has a more beneficial impact as people are more inclined to engage with mobile push notifications and their Subscription feed.

Youtube.com/account_notifications is the link through which YouTube users can manage their notifications, as well as the browser-based ones.

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