Creator Insider highlights some new YouTube updates about most watched playlists, verification badge update and a lot more

Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel that gives insights about the latest developments on YouTube with the help of the YouTube Creative Technical team. They have recently come up with some exciting new updates.

First of all, to help the creators analyze their channels across different content types and themes, they created an experiment which is a new card showing the watch time segmented by theme.

From this experiment, they found out that a huge amount of watch time comes from the Search and Discovery section.

They initially thought to populate the themes based on the playlists that creators had already created, but they have found out from this experiment that the actual views come from the watch time across an entire channel, not just from the playlists themselves.

Creators need to have at least four playlists each with three or four videos that are from their channel and not just a playlist that's created from other people's channels.

The next update is related to YouTube’s Verification badge process, which began a couple of months ago when an application was put forward that creators with over 100,000 subscribers be allowed to apply for a verified badge.

While these applications are being processed, there are two requirements for creators to receive a verification badge.

1. The channel is complete, has a channel banner, and has public uploads.

2. The channel is authentic and belongs to an authentic artist/person/band/group.

The next update is that YouTube has given a new Permissions role within Studio called Editor without Access to Revenue Data. YouTube is delivering some functionality with features like end screens, info cards, and captions that will be available soon. However, Permissions only work on Studio desktop at the moment and the user will have to explore a bit before using it.

The next update is that poll cards have now been deprecated, beginning from June 10th.

Owing to their low usage, they have been deprecated and now other better tools will help the creators like the comments from the audience, and the freely available Google Forms. And if you are a creator with more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can still use the poll feature within your Community tab.

The next update is about the ‘Creators on the Rise’ feature, which highlights emerging creators on the Trending tab for 24 hours.

Now, this feature is expanding into three new countries, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia.

So, if you are a creator and in either of these countries, you can get a Creators on the Rise blue badge right next to your channel’s name. But to become eligible for that, YouTube teams will take into account your total view count, your watch time growth, your frequency of uploads, etc.

The last update, for now, is about expanding new comment feature to older community posts.

In February 2020, YouTube had announced some great improvements to the experience, features like ‘replies to comment replies,’ ‘sort comments by newest first,’ ‘comment pinning’ and ‘comment management’ in Studio.

All these features are not only live for posts from February 2020 onwards, they are now live for all older community posts as well.

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