Google Starts Promoting .new Domain Names

A trend has emerged recently in the world of the internet as well as tech in general. This trend is called the “Not Com”, and it basically involves a shift away from .com domain names that have ended up becoming so widespread interest addresses. In many ways, .com domain names have ended up becoming the norm. You are far more likely to trust a website that has a .com domain name rather than something with a .net domain name or something similar. However, a new trend has emerged with different kinds of domain names, and Google has just announced a new domain name for sale.

This domain name is .new, and Google is promoting it as the domain name that a lot of other big name companies from WordPress to Adobe to Spotify owned Anchor all the way to Google itself. This is part of Google’s series of “not com” domain names, from .dev to .app and .page. The only difference is that if you want one of these domain names then you are firstly going to have to pay quite a high price for it, $500 a year on average when compared to an average of $18 per year for .com domain names. What’s more is that you will need to have a pretty high level of traffic if you want to be able to utilize these new domain names.

Four letter domain names are also becoming more popular, especially in China where a random series of four letters can net a domain name a fee in the thousands of dollars. This shift away from .com domain names is happening all over the world, and it can be a way to set your site apart from others as well as to make it so that you can incorporate your own branding into your domain name potentially.

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