YouTube Kids Launches After School Programs, Will Surface More Than 100 Movies Until Aug 31st

After Google launched YouTube Kids on the web, Fire TV, and Apple TV during the past few months, now the company is launching a month of ‘After School’ programming. Starting today, After School programming is aimed at helping parents keep their children engaged during the coronavirus pandemic as the pandemic has forced the closure of schools across the globe.

The company wrote in a blog post that it is increasingly becoming difficult for parents to choose the right content for their children and how much of the content is right for their children. This is the reason YouTube Kids want to help parents with a library of high-quality complete-length specials and movies that will enrich children, and entertain them too.

Until Aug 31st of this year, the company announced that it will release more than 100 movies and specials, and each Monday, YouTube Kids will surface this content in the ‘Shows’ category of the app as individual clips and playlists. The YouTube Kids application is geared for kids who are 13 years old and under. The content is split into three different groups including Preschool, Younger, and Older.

The Preschool group is for those who are 4 years old and under, and the section is designed to enable kids to watch content that promotes playfulness, learning, exploration, and creativity. On the other hand, the Younger group is for those who are between 5 and 7, and YouTube Kids has designed the section to allow kids to explore their interests as well as search for a wide range of topics. These topics include songs, crafts, cartoons, and more.

Discussing the last group, the Older section is for those children who are between 8 and 12 years old. The company has designed this section to help children with growing independence to search as well as explore more gaming videos, family vlogs, science-related content, music clips, and more.

Google wrote in the blog post that starting today, the company will surface excellent movies and specials in the Shows category of the YouTube Kids app each Monday. These movies and specials will be surfaced for the upcoming five weeks. The company revealed in the blog post that popular family movies and specials featuring Masha & The Bear, Paddington, Oggy and the Cockroaches, The Wiggles, Baby Shark & Pinkfong, and a collection of best animated short films will be surfaced. The YouTube Kids application will also feature YouTube Originals videos, and the app will premiere a movie exclusively created for YouTube Kids, during these five weeks.

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