YouTube is experimenting with a native Picture-in-Picture mode for its iOS app

Picture-in-picture mode allows users to watch videos while using other apps. This functionality is available with the videos of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, and users can enjoy these videos in a smaller frame while doing something else on the web.

iPad users have been enjoying the picture-in-picture functionality since iOS 9 onwards. However, for a long time, iPad users also had the feature limited to the audio without picture of a video playing back while they backed out of the YouTube app, but then the functionality came for them eventually. However, this is quite ironic that to utilize the mode, iOS users have to subscribe to YouTube Premium, and pay a monthly fee of $15.99 ($11.99 per month for American users plus 30% Apple’s commission.)

Apple has enabled this mode in iPhone with iOS 14. And recently, Daniel Yount has reported that YouTube has started testing this feature (with audio and picture both) in its iOS app.

In fact, according to some social media users, this mode has started functioning for several users who have installed the latest version of the YouTube app for iOS. However, some reports suggest that this feature is available for some videos only. It probably means that YouTube is still implementing the functionality and it has not completely rolled out or reached a stable channel yet.

Once you have picture-in-picture enabled, it works just like in any other app that supports it. You can start playing a video and then close the app to continue watching it in a smaller window. The video floats over the iOS home screen or any other app you are using.

It is not known as to when this mode will be available for the YouTube app for all iOS users. However, YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode can be watched through Safari for the time being, until it is made available for the general public who uses iOS. For that, it will not be necessary to be a YouTube Premium subscriber.

Another important piece of information is that users who have devices that are running the iOS14, iPad OS 14, and tvOS 14 can watch 4K HDR videos in the YouTube app because Apple has decided to support Google’s VP9 codec to their OS this year.

So, with these amazing pieces of news, users are already very excited and the positive feedback is floating in continuously.

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