China’s new rules on AI technology exports may bring new hurdles to carry an effective trade of TikTok in the US

There does not go a single day without any new development in the world of TikTok. It looks like there is another trouble in the house now, which may hamper the plans for the sale of TikTok in the US for a time being.

As per the reports from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, China is bringing in some new rules for the sales or export of apps that employ sensitive AI technology including text analysis, voice recognition, and content suggestions. These new rules imply that for the sale of such technology, the company requires a license from the Chinese government. In this case, the Beijing-based company ByteDance needs to take a license to sell off TikTok in the US. A Chinese government official told the Xinhua News Agency that ByteDance needs to take every step very carefully and may also consider halting the process of selling off TikTok to an American company.

It seems that ByteDance is caught between two giants who have their agendas and their own set of demands from the company. On one end, it is being constantly bitten by the US government, as President Trump has issued orders for the company to sell or spin-off TikTok by 12th November. On the other hand, now the Chinese government is trying to put as many hurdles as possible to make it difficult for ByteDance as well as for the USA to acquire TikTok.

Several companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Oracle, Netflix, and Twitter have been reportedly in talks with ByteDance as they showed their interest in acquiring TikTok. Microsoft and Walmart may even partner up to obtain a joint acquisition. But now, all these plans and talks have been watered down by the new rule implementations from the Chinese government.

On top of all this chaos, the CEO of TikTok, Kevin Mayer has also resigned, and now, Vanessa Pappas is heading the operations of TikTok in the US. So, there is one trouble after another in TikTok’s paradise, even though the app is massively popular and has been recognized as an excellent way for business, advertisement, and entertainment, all merged up in one app.

The intent of the Chinese government is still not clear-maybe they will issue the license to ByteDance without any problem, or perhaps they are doing this to stop ByteDance from exporting TikTok to America. No one from TikTok has issued any comment or statement regarding this matter as yet.

Let us wait and see how this whole drama unfolds and what eventually happens to our beloved TikTok!

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