YouTube Studio Tests An Update To The Blur Tools Which Will Make It Easier For Creators To Control Exactly Where They Apply The Effect

Back in 2016, Google’s YouTube rolled out a custom blurring tool for YouTube content creators. The feature allows YouTubers to blur any object in a video right within YouTube interface. Creators could use the feature to hide license plates or brand names or an individual’s naughty bits. Now, the company is testing a new update to this blur tool with YouTube Studio. The latest update will make it easier for content creators to blur out particular elements within their YouTube videos during the upload process.

Creator Insider's Abhinav Singh explained that content creators can now blur faces, individuals, logos, license plates and other objects in YouTube Studio, all without losing views. Abhinav added that with improved blurring tools, you are in control. With custom blur as well as face blur, YouTube content creators can modify the duration, position, as well as size of the blur. The new change will make it easier for content creators to control exactly what they blur and for how they blur an object in a YouTube video, with enhanced size and detection controls. Furthermore, creators can now also choose between the rectangle and oval shapes in the custom blur which will make it easier for creators to utilize the blurring feature.

Although the company launched a blur ability back in 2012, it was only for the faces of individuals. The new blurring feature rolled out 2016 is for pretty much anything that creators might want to obscure. Creators only need to draw a square around what they want to blur and the software will automatically blur it for them. The blur persists even as the object moves around. However, if a creator wants that blur to remain stationary throughout the video, they can also ‘Lock’ the blur to fix it in place.

Abhinav Singh also notes that the company has re-added AdSense association control under the Monetization tab in YouTube Studio. This was available in the previous version of the YouTube app. The company is also working on new editing tools that will assist in copyright concerns within uploaded YouTube videos. The recent change in Blur tools within YouTube Studio will make it a lot easier for YouTube content creators to block unintended elements in their YouTube videos- which is increasingly important.

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