A new administration feature is on its way for creators on YouTube, reveals Creator Insider

If you are following YouTube's latest updates, then you would know that YouTube is coming up with its new moat awaited feature. According to the reports, one of the team members of YouTube named James has claimed that YouTube is working on a new feature. This feature aims to proffer the creators with the accessibility of limiting the revenue of Channel from others. It will prevent the editors and the managers of the channel from the view of Channel’s revenue.

The development of this feature notably occurs after the request on one of the videos on the channel Creator Insiders. James states that YouTube has acknowledged this feature after the comment of the creator Chevy, requesting that he needs this addition on the application.

To note that, YouTube has already provided the creators of permission to allow its members to work on the channel, offering them specific roles to work.

Chevy dude marks that he desires control of limiting or publicizing the total revenue. However, this request is not new, as reported. Several people have also shown dislikeness that they don't need to know about the channel's profit. This creator has further focused on this request, claiming that he also believes that the visibility of the ad revenue on the channel is vague and that it only concerns the person who owns the channel.

Noting this recent update from YouTube developers, several people have appraised this initiative, and some have also presented their insights about the development of any new feature on YouTube.

Following this, Content Insider has come up with its new video that has planted a controversy among various Youtubers. This video has a title on how we are turning your comments into a productive product. The YouTubers have commented on a plethora of their rants. Some have inscribed that they don’t need any output from their captions. They require substantial heed and work on their requested features.

To which YouTube has updated that it is banning this role, which offers the community to contribute through crowdsourced comment section or caption, marking this feature as spam and misleading.

YouTube’s decision to take this updated feature of subtitles back has caused many questions. It has claimed that they are stopping it because of its being abusive and of low quality some times. It has also stated that since last month creators are jot using this feature in their content videos, making it useless to a point.

However, people are not happy with this decision, and they need a proper bug fixation of this feature. Altogether, the videos of Content insiders give insights that the YouTube community can take other ideas to bring some new features to the application.

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