UK expresses concerns regarding TikTok while the app promotes the message 'Here To Stay'

TikTok is going through a really bad time. One trouble after another is seeking the famous short-form video-sharing app. Because of its allegiance with China, India has already imposed a ban on the app, and the US government is also in the process of banning it in the US as they accuse the app of collecting users’ data and then forwarding it to the Chinese government. Considering the app as a national security threat, the US President Donald Trump has issued an ultimatum for TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance. The US government is demanding ByteDance to sell off TikTok to an investor in the US by 12th November, otherwise, all the operations between America and ByteDance will come to an end along with a permanent ban on the app.

Now, sadly, the UK government is also expressing concerns regarding TikTok. But instead of banning the app, they are thinking to implement some restrictions about data collection and sharing with the Chinese government.

Bloomberg has reported that a review will most likely be carried on by the prime minister’s chief of staff, Eddie Lister, to see if the app poses some threat to national security or not? Also, if the app is not found to be guilty of sharing users’ data, even then there may still be some restrictions that will prevent the company to move this data out of the UK.

The UK has taken this decision after banning another Chinese-owned company, Huawei just a month ago. Huawei was supposed to supply 35% of the UK’s 5G mobile phone equipment, but concerns started rising about the potential exposure of UK citizens’ data to the Chinese government through all the 5G equipment. These concerns led to a review and then it was decided that Huawei will no longer be a part of developing Britain’s 5G mobile phone network.

Now, TikTok has already been refuting all these claims of sharing users’ information with anyone, and recently it has taken legal action to sort this issue too. TikTok’s executives continue to say that the app will not go anywhere and that it has not done anything wrong. Recently, in collaboration with NTWRK and visual artist Joshua Vides, TikTok has launched a merch. The users can use these shirts and hoodies (along with slogans such as 'Not Going Anywhere') to show their support to their favorite app. This collection was available on 26th August, for one day only, on the TikTok app,, and the NTWRK app.

Now, that is certainly an interesting way to prove their point and show the world their popularity amongst the users too.

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