Google enables the functionality to update the Business Profile directly from Google Maps and Search Results

In modern times, the digital presence of your business is as important as its physical establishment. However, now, with the increasing trend of online businesses, constant digital up-gradation is mandatory. With an ongoing pandemic, the need to constantly update the status of your business online for your clients is crucial to keep it running.

Therefore, Google has come up to ease this process by enabling the functionality to update your Business Profile directly from Google Search and Maps.

According to a survey, approximately 15 million edits are made each month on Business Profiles, which made Google realize how important it is for the business owners to respond to clients’ queries quickly, or to engage with partners, add a phone number or even share updates regarding COVID-19 safety requirements for the clients.

So, keeping all this in mind, Google has tried to make the updating process as smooth and efficient as possible. If you are a business owner, you can create posts, reply to clients’ reviews and questions, update images, and give out any business information directly from Google Search and Maps.

All you need to do is to make sure that you are signed in with your Google account that you used to verify your business on Google.

If you type ‘My business’ in the Google Search bar, Google will open your verified business page for you, and you can easily change anything you want on your page. This functionality is available in English for the time being, but soon it will be available in other languages also.

You can also type the name of your business in the Search bar to update your profile directly from Search.

On Google Maps, you can simply click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your mobile app. From there, you can choose ‘Your Business Profile’ and access the tools provided by Google. These tools include options like ‘Edit Profile,’ ‘Promote,’ or ‘Customers.’ Underneath these options, you can see the recent activity too.

Previously, Listings could be updated through Google Search only. But now, they can be updated through Google Maps also.

Some other free tools for Search and Maps are going to roll out soon, and they will help you see how your business is faring and how you can improve your business profile on Google while increasing your engagement as well as visibility. All business managers and owners will be getting a new section through which their performance can be viewed. This section will give ‘new customer interaction insights.’

All these features will be available on an upgraded merchant interface. It will give you helpful tips and recommendations on how to improve your business and its online presence too.

Google My Business site and mobile app are also functional, so business owners can use that to update their business profiles also.

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