These artistic advertisements on the streets of New York City has raised many questions about Facebook

A renowned street artist named Winston Tseng of New York City has recently come up with his splendid artistic work. Business Insider reported that the streets of New York City have experienced this unexpected situation lately that has brought some serious criticism on Facebook.

On Thursday, the reports have stated that these realistic paintings are the expertise of one of the street artists. Later, it has proved that he has drawn out these paintings to condemn the Facebook company’s decision regarding political issues.

All the advertisements (which are obviously not from Facebook so we can call them fake) have portrayed two similar words, that are, more and together. For instance, one advertisement pictures that we are ‘more ad revenue together’ and the other ‘we are more misinformed together’, to name some.

It has believed that Winston has done this to solely highlight the controversial nature of Facebook’s towards the most pressing problems.

Facebook hasn’t shown any considerable attention towards the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. These advertising arts are trying to highlight the campaigns that Facebook is believed to drive.

To note that, Facebook has blame that it doesn’t take any considerate actions against any form of political discourse or leading misinformation that drives people towards the extremity or, more particularly, towards political extremism. It also has an accusation of having a polarizing effect on its users, making them divisive and then not being able to tackle such situations effectively.

As reported, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg has backed up at a time when Facebook users have been using his platform to drive the black lives matter campaign and the most significant viral posts concerning false allegations on Donald Trump. He has decided not to intervene in such activities of the global community.

In this way, this artistic representation of slogans that are believed to be about Facebook is considerably against Facebook as the belief that Facebook is striving to make people apart and not one.

The slogan of ‘more together’ can also be perceived as ironic as the reports provided by Business Insiders signify that Facebook has also paid no attention even after gaining insights regarding the situation.

However, one of Facebook’s spokesperson in his interview of May have said that they are striving hard to make their platform safe and secure.

They focus on various research studies to keep an eye on any demanded feature or problem to improvise with the best of what they can.

Yet, according to the reports, Facebook has not given any kind remark over this prevailed issue.

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