Local hotel availability, percentage of operating flights, hotel rental, and a lot more travel info will soon be available in Google

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in more ways than is imaginable. Every sector, every industrial vertical has been affected, but traveling, tourism, airlines, hotel, and hospitality industries suffered the most.

For a couple of months, traveling had to be banned, but now, slowly and gradually, these bans are being lifted. To help people understand the traveling restrictions now, Google has updated its Travel section and services to make the arrangements of their hotels and other important information related to the safety measures.

Most of the countries have different traveling-related safety policies, so it is good to know about them if you are planning a visit to any of these countries.

Google already displays COVID-19 travel advisory and restrictions when you search on Google for information related to hotels, flights, etc. Recently, driving alerts have been added in this display to let the users know about COVID-19 checkpoints on their way in Google Maps too.

Now, Google is adding some more information for travelers. The percentage of open hotels, operating flights at a specific city or country-level will be displayed amongst other important information when you search for a destination in Google Search. This flight operation and hotel details will be based on Google Flights and Hotels data. So, the users will get to know about the open hotel percentage and operating flights in their desired destination directly from Google Search and from google.com/travel rather than having to worry about them and searching for them here and there online.

Links to other local resources and information about COVID-19 cases in that particular destination will also be available.

Many hotels and rental apartments or spaces have made some changes in their fee policy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of these hotels and rentals are now giving free cancellation offers to tourists and travelers. This is being done for multiple reasons- hotels and rentals want to boost their business now, travelers always look for the best deals and a free cancellation policy during an ongoing pandemic is something that will not only attract them and be good for their traveling budget, but it will also put their minds at ease about last-minute traveling plan changes and worrying about paying the cancellation fee to the pre-booked hotels and rentals. So, google.com/travel will also provide a filter from the next month for the users to see which hotels and vacation rentals have applied the free cancellation policy.

This will make their search and travel planning more efficient and exciting for sure.

Google says that it will continue to provide important information for travelers in the future also.

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