Facebook is bringing some improvements in Messenger Rooms

Facebook launched Messenger Rooms a few months ago and these Rooms could be created from the main feed within the app. It could be used even if someone did not have Messenger installed on their phone. All the users had to do was to join a group call through a link on their News Feed, Group, or an even Page.

Now, Facebook is making it easy for people to use Rooms through Messenger. For that, a new user interface has been designed with comprehensive detailing for the user to be able to create Rooms within the Messenger app. With the help of this updated UI, users will be able to customize some settings, like giving a name to their activity. Facebook also provides Activity Name suggestions, so users can choose a name for their activity from the list too.

Another customization that users can make is to schedule their video calls by setting time and date for the group chat. Managing the invite list is also possible, just like all these features are possible and available if the user uses Rooms through their News Feed. However, in Messenger, there are some extra controls like the users can even set a customized background for their Rooms by uploading their photos. A crazier and funkier option is also available which will let the users play a video in the background while having a video call. This will confuse the people in Rooms, but it will be a fun and unique experience too.

This new update has started to roll out in Messenger on mobile phones. It is expected to launch for desktop platforms soon too.

Background customizations will be available in the coming weeks. Using Rooms through Messenger will be easier for users. We will have to wait to see how the majority reacts to this extension of Rooms on to the Messenger app.

'Rooms' has seen a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world. Especially during these times when there is a pandemic going on and most of the work is still being done from home, this feature has helped people holding their official events and meeting through this platform. Even now, when lockdowns have finally been lifted in many regions, still it is advised to maintain the social distancing protocol. So, Rooms provide an excellent way to stay in touch and have group meetings with friends and family too.

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