Twitter Mistakenly Announced That iOS Users Will Be Able to Limit Who Can Reply to Their Posts

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that all iOS users would be able to limit who can reply to their tweets, however, it turns out that the company did not announce it intentionally. The version 8.30 of the Twitter application was rolled out on August 6 of this year, and the release notes on Apple store state that the company tested a new way back in May to chat with exactly who you want. According to the release notes, all users would be able to use this feature and choose who can reply to your Twitter posts.

The company announced back in January of this year that the new feature was coming soon to Twitter’s platform. The company has been testing the new feature since May and pushed an update to the iOS version of Twitter’s smartphone application suggesting that the feature would be more widely rolling out to users. Now, a company’s spokesman told The Verge that the company accidentally pushed incorrect release notes. In fact, the new feature is not more widely rolling out.

The company’s spokesman added that the misunderstanding was because of ‘some accidentally pushed release notes.’ The feature which allows users to limit replies on tweets is not currently made available to all users. Although it is not yet clear that whether the company has expanded the feature in any meaningful fashion with the recent upgrade, it seems that the company is still testing reply limiting feature before the feature is made available to all users.

The new feature can be a nice way to minimize the troll culture on the Twitter application, and if the feature has been implemented, it would enable the followers on the platform to like or retweet a post, however, followers would not be able to reply to posts unless a user allows. Particularly, the feature would be beneficial for public figures on Twitter’s platform such as actors, musicians, journalists, and politicians.

If you have access to this feature, you can use it by tapping the box above the keyboard while composing a post. The box says ‘Everyone can reply,’ and tapping on this box will display you three different options including everyone can reply, only people you follow can reply, and only people you mention can reply. Choose any of these options to restrict replies to your posts. You may also note that choosing an option does not make that option the default for your future posts.

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