The threat of banning TikTok has not only made Mark Zuckerberg worry but also anxious about the consequent happenings

TikTok video sharing application has a direct link to China, and the US is considerably not in good terms with it. TikTok, with its launch in the US in 2018, has marked itself on top. It has fascinated various people, specifically teens, surmounting Facebook and Instagram, to name some.

In the 2019 report, Facebook's spokesperson has said that they have been competing with TikTok for long because of its demand. They have started working on their application to compete with TikTok. The Instagram owned by Facebook has recently developed and released a new feature of short formatting video known as reels to overhaul TikTok after the news of threat.

In a recent tweet, Donald Trump has announced an implication of the TikTok proscription in the United States. Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his concerns regarding this situation as it can produce long term consequences worldwide.

President of US Donald Trump wants to enforce this Ban because of its ties with China directly through the ByteDance company. ByteDance also has a headquarter in Beijing, China. The US, due to security risks, is avoiding China's direct Contact.

So, Donald Trump wants the US technology company to formulate US functions on the TikTok application otherwise impose a ban. He has further claimed that he will rule over this implication of potential ban if it happens.

Mark Zuckerberg in conversation with its employees explained that he is substantially concerned about this banning as it can cause serious problems all over the world. He further asserts that this threat should be handled with mere consideration with an adequate solution to the problem.

According to the recent report, his employees have tried to acquire information regarding the Facebook company's interest in TikTok operations. However, he has flagged this sensitive information by saying that the knowledge related to dealing is confidential, and business interests are secretive.

Following this update, Microsoft has also shown significant interest in making a deal of TikTok functions. It has assured this interest in buying operations but in the only Newzealand, United States, Canada, and Australia.

ByteDance tech company has also now started probing around in search of a buyer for their operations. They have a deadline of 15 September. Donald Trump has proclaimed that after this date, if the company becomes unable to find a dealer, then he will impose a potential ban on the TikTok video-sharing app worldwide.

Although, this threat is still on air raising the questions whether the Chinese will have any access to the content or not.

Photo: Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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