Twitter Might Introduce Employer Badges and "Undo Send" Button As A Part of Paid Subscription

According to recent developments - that are surfacing on the platform already and the company is also carrying out surveys for - Twitter is in plans to introduce new features that will become a part of its paid service. The list includes things that Twitteratis have lately wished for like “undo send” button and badges to be allotted to individuals’ employers.

Matt Navara, a social media app researcher and someone who is known for revealing authentic leaks shared the screenshots of the survey that read “What would you be willing to pay for” along with a number of potential feature options.

If the “undo send” button comes to life then it will provide users the opportunity to edit or recall a tweet for up to 30 seconds. This seems to be an incremental update from the current days where Twitter users are bound to delete their tweets if they have to edit it or fix some information.

Furthermore, with the badges feature (that would specifically be more of use for journalists) a user will get the badge on their profile which will be linked to business they own or work for. So, in case of journalists, the badge will represent the magazine the person writes for.

The survey is designed in such a way that the one asked to give an opinion have to rank the features from most important to least important and the list does continue with canned responses to select for faster replies, job recruiting features, custom stickers, hashtags, and the most important debate of seeing less or no ads at all.

As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is aiming to take the company on another level, he has openly shared his plans in the investor call last week that Twitter will keep the bar high for consumers by introducing the kind of aspects on the platform that will remain to be worth the value for money. Everyone at Twitter is planning for new revenue lines right in accordance with the advertising strategies.

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