Voice messages in the direct messaging window are likely to become a part of Twitter soon

Alessandro Paluzzi has recently tweeted about a possibility of Twitter working on bringing voice messages in DM, i.e. Direct Messaging window.

Direct Message is a private communication medium shared between users and it is only visible to the senders and recipients. Many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow their users to share direct messages with each other, with respective restrictions as per each platform.

Now, the possibility that apart from typed texts in the form of direct messages, users will be able to send voice messages in the DM window on Twitter is an interesting update. But Twitter is quite late to jump this bandwagon. Other competitors like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram already provide their users with the option to send voice messages to each other in DM.

So, it was naturally expected for a long time from Twitter to provide this functionality too. Many people prefer to send voice messages in comparison to typed messages anyway. So, if we say that Twitter should have done this long time back rather than waiting for so long, it will not be wrong.

Anyway, better late than never!

Sometime back, Twitter introduced a similar feature known as Audio-Tweets. These audio messages are considered as a better way of communication because it is easy for the users to simply record what they have in their mind in quick, precise audio. It is more expressive, as it conveys those expressions in a better way in comparison to a written/typed text. It seems that Twitter is trying to bring people closer through this far better communication means.

The functionality of audio tweets has not rolled out as yet, and there is no latest news about it. But many users are happy to learn the possibility of Twitter bringing the feature of voice messages in DM now.

However, some people have raised some genuine concerns regarding this feature also. The question is regarding the anti-abuse filter of Twitter, and whether it will work on these voice messages or not? The concern is quite legitimate because if this filter does not apply on these voice messages, trolls and internet harassers will easily find a way to spam and abuse people through voice messages via DM.

It is not known as of yet if and when this feature will roll out eventually. But it will be interesting to see how Twitter handles various issues associated with an otherwise very handy tool.

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