TikTok Sheds Much Needed Light on Its Analytics Tools

With the storm that has brewed over TikTok’s attempt at breaking into the American market over accusations that the social media app is spying on people on behalf of the Chinese government, it had become imperative for the Chinese owned app to develop a more open minded attitude about sharing some of its information. The company’s secrecy regarding its processes has lead to major concerns, especially due to the reason that the app is mostly used by children many of whom are below the required minimum age in order to make an account on the app.

While the social media app might be in for a lot of trouble, it seems to be focusing on giving its users more information about their analytics. You will need to have a TikTok Pro account in order to access these analytics. Pro accounts are divided into Creators and Businesses and there are some subtle differences with regards to how these analytics end up getting processed in the first place.

If you have a Pro account, all you need to do is hover over your profile picture and click “View Analytics” on the drop down menu that will appear. These analytics are separated into three sections. The first section is an overview of all of your analytics. The second has to do with content, specifically how much you have uploaded as well as which of your videos might be trending at any given point in time. The final section in your analytics would be associated with followers. This would have your total follower count along with stats on interactions such as comments, likes and shares.

These analytics are essential because of the fact that without them it would be more or less impossible for creators or businesses to develop a good strategy for growing on the platform.

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