Facebook Tests Brand New and Insightful Feature for Group Admins!

Despite being surrounded by controversies more often than not, there’s no denying that Facebook’s control over the world of social media is remarkable. And it looks like the social networking service in question has no plans of stepping down anytime soon. Moreover, with the addition of an exciting new feature for Group Admins, Facebook will surely attract thousands, if not millions, of eyes.

As tweeted by renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra (who himself got the scoop from Johannes Van Zijl), the king of social media now appears to allow Group Admins to access more detailed analytics of individual posts in their respective groups.

As per a screenshot shared in Navarra’s tweet, Admins will not only be able to check out a post’s engagement or the number of people it managed to reach, but also the number of group members who were active at the time of the post.

By “Active Members at Time of Post”, Facebook means those group members who came across the said post either on their news feed or while scrolling the group. Also, such members should be active in the group for at least 28 days from the day of the publication of the post in question.
"Top Help admins understand how many members are seeing a given post and what types of posts resonate most with their members, Facebook is starting to test post level metrics.", confirmed screenshots shared by Matt Navarra in another tweet.
There’s no doubt that having access to detailed analytics would make it easier for Admins to determine the type of content their group members enjoy the most. If you administer a Facebook group, you are recommended to check out if this feature is working for you.

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