The Following Ten TikTok Hashtag Categories Have Recorded Billions of Views, Leading the Content on Top

Hashtags have been proved as a vital resource for marketers and advertisers to pop up their content on social networks. However, this practice when used on the globally popular platforms, it powers up the likes and followers to the whole next level.

TikTok, the renowned short video-sharing application, has started to extend its platform for a considerable increment in the viewer growth and for other advertisers. TikTok has marked itself as the fastest growing mobile application all over the world with the maximum number of installs since years.

According to a study from Mediakix, in the updated list of hashtags that Tiktokers are using presently in their videos, a total of ten hashtags have ample views. Yet, on top is #Entertainment that has noted approximately 535 billion views.

This hashtag is being used as a single word and also with other combining hashtags like #comedy, #entertainment, and many more. Some of the topmost Tiktokers, such as Brooks and Liza Koshy have also used this category of the hashtag in their videos.

Among the other most viewed hashtags are sports/fitness, pranks, health and beauty, fashion, cooking, home renovation, and simple life hacks.

This analysis of the usage of hashtags serves as a useful piece of puzzle for influencers and marketers that are planning to gain the audiences or expand their platform any time soon.

Analyzing the views of these mentioned hashtags has provided an insight that apart from entertainment, the other most widely used hashtag is Dance with over 180 billion views. Following this, Prank has recorded 79 billion views.

Furthermore, the usage of the #DIY category stands ahead of beauty with 39 billion views. After this, the most viewed hashtags are of cooking and simple life hacks or 5 minute hacks category having 18 billion and 13 billion views, respectively. Pets, pet names like a cat, bulldog, or dog category hashtags have also rounded on top in the list of most utilized hashtags.

This estimation list has been updated by Mediakix. It has also presented a list of top influencers on TikTok lately after updating the list of hashtag categories.

All the renowned Tiktokers have this skill of using hashtags like a pro to increase the views on their content to millions or billions. People use either only one top most used hashtag or combine it with two or three depending on their likings.

However, the recent reports have recorded these ten categories of hashtags that are maximally being used and viewed on TikTok.

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