Facebook is quietly taking down its watered-down version, Facebook Lite from the Apple App Store

Recently, some Brazilian iOS users were met with a surprise when they tried to log in to their Facebook Lite app. A message awaited them saying that Facebook Lite has been disabled, and the users are urged to use the original/main Facebook app to stay connected with their friends and family.

It was quite astonishing for people who were fond of using the simpler, smaller, and much lighter version of Facebook.

When these users looked into the matter, they found out that Facebook has permanently disabled the Facebook Lite app for iOS users. However, as per MacMagazine’s report, the Lite variant of Facebook has not been taken down from the Google Play Store as yet and is still available for the Android users.

Facebook is a very heavy app and needs a lot of data to run, load images, play videos, and other functionality as well. Also, it takes quite a lot of space on the phones as it is pretty huge too.

Back in 2015, Facebook decided to launch a lighter version of its main app for the people who had less storage capacity in their phones, or who were using older versions of operating systems. Also, it was meant to facilitate people who belong to rural areas or to places where they continuously face internet issues. Facebook Lite could even work on 2G networks, as it did not download high-quality images, did not auto-play videos, and had a low occupying space; it was hardly under 12 MB. Some other features were excluded but overall, it was a great app and liked by many people.

Surprisingly, Facebook claimed to have launched it for everyone, but many people in the UK, Netherlands, etc. report that they were never able to find this variant in their regions. The reason why Facebook has taken down this app now is because of its low adoption and less popularity, but this is quite ironic that they had not made it official in so many places that its adoption rate decreased automatically! Without providing the service for the masses, how was Facebook expecting the app to do well is beyond comprehension!

It is sad though because those who had the opportunity to use the app were very happy and satisfied with it.

Facebook launched Lite back in 2015 for Android users, and in 2018, it rolled out for the iOS users as well. It was first launched in Turkey with Messenger Lite in 2018, and later it was ‘reportedly’ rolled out for other regions.

Now as it is going away, iOS users are left with the main, bulky Facebook app and most of them are not happy about it at all.

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