The Sneaky Features of Instagram on Web!

Most of us are accustomed to using Instagram from our smartphone – but did you know that you can browse the same from the desktop as well? And even make use of some perks that are missing in the mobile app!

Firstly, there is the ‘lurking’ as we all know, Instagram is all about visuals. From photos to short video clippings, the social media platform is an attractive medium to share your day to day happenings. But while browsing through other people’s photos via mobile – we always run the risk of accidentally double-tapping the post to show our ‘like.’

And imagine the embarrassment if it happens on a crush’s profile!

On the desktop, though, the issue is mitigated because it’s nearly impossible to accidentally like a photo using the trackpad.

The Instagram Story experience is also improved on the laptop. For starters, you can see when each person in your network has posted a story. This way, you won’t watch your crush’s story just seconds after they post and (hopefully) give it some time before stalking them.

Moreover, computer screens are bigger than phones (duh) and photos appear better. The larger screen also gives you more space to observe the clothes, makeup, and background of the person in question.

If you unfollow someone on mobile, Instagram prompts you with an ‘are you sure?’ However, on desktop, Instagram gets it done on the first click. And surely this is very helpful if you have followed someone accidentally while stalking their profile.

So you see, personal computers are not so bad! Especially if you enjoy creeping around on Instagram profiles.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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