Is TikTok actually popular worldwide?

Tech giants have been facing immense scrutiny by the regulatory bodies over content moderation and data privacy for some years. As a result, many social media networks have seen a halt in their user growth significantly.

But luckily TikTok continues to go strong – despite the authorities breathing down the companies back!

Launched in 2017, TikTok – the short video-sharing social networking app has managed to create a stir in a very short time span.

In fact, the latest data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower show that TikTok was downloaded around 113 million times in the App Store and Google Play Store last month. This makes February 2020 the company’s best month for installs and revenue.

TikTok Generates Record 113 Million Downloads in February, Nearing 2 Billion Lifetime Installs

Sensor Tower also reports that the Chinese creation was the most downloaded non-game app last month. Interestingly, the figures surpassed the numbers for both WhatsApp and Facebook worldwide.

And with the global population seeing a ‘lock-down’ due to the coronavirus outbreak, TikTok installs are expected to increase further as home-bounded citizens prefer to use technology to keep themselves entertained.

But there seems to be some discrepancy in the numbers that signify TikTok’s reach may not be as substantial as it appears.

First of all, TikTok is nearly reaching 1.9 billion lifetime installs. While this is a great number, it does not reflect the number of active users or the individuals who are logging in regularly on the app. And if TikTok did manage to reach the threshold of 2 billion active users, it would become the second-biggest social media platform after Facebook, which has over 2.5 billion active users monthly.

But of course, it doesn’t!

According to our reports dating back to 2018, TikTok had managed to reach 500 million active users. Since then, there is no official statement from the Chinese-based company regarding its user count and most hype created around TikTok has been related to its download counts.

And if TikTok did come out and actually reveal the number of active users it garners on a monthly basis – it would probably water down the downloaded stats.

TikTok by regions

It is also estimated that TikTok’s prime user base remains in China with a predicted 400 million daily active users. India follows on the second number with around 81 million monthly active users.

On the contrary, other nations, especially the western countries are not very profitable for TikTok.

Sensor Tower also notes the same in their findings and says that China was responsible for the majority of TikTok’s revenue - $46 million from the $50.4 million accumulated in February. The U.S. and Great Britain came on the corresponding positions with revenue of $3 million and $216,000 respectively.

Yes, TikTok is popular and continues to grow in the Eastern market. It is also spending heavily on promotions in the Western regions. But will it succeed? Let’s wait and watch!

Featured photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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