These are the most popular YouTubers in the world (infographics)

The world of online videos has come a long way since the first video was uploaded to YouTube fifteen years ago.

From shaky home movies, to home studios, lighting rigs, and special effects, content creation has mushroomed into a legitimate career for those YouTubers who are successful in finding a devoted audience.

And the audience is out there. YouTube is currently the most-used streaming platform around the world, with millions of viewers every day. But with more than 500 hours of new content being uploaded every minute, there’s a lot of competition out there for people hoping to hit the big time on YouTube.

So which YouTubers have taken the video streaming world by storm, and what makes them so special?

To find out, Accredited Debt Relief have analysed the data on the most popular individual YouTubers to see whose content is attracting the most subscribers and daily views from their fans.

The Most Popular Overall for Subscribers

When a YouTuber manages to attract 105 million subscribers to their channel, they have clearly tapped into the market in a special way. Such is the case with the Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who appears on YouTube as PewDiePie.

>PewDiePie makes an estimated $38,500 a day with his popular brand of content, which includes video game commentary, vlogging, and collaborations with others. His success is seemingly bullet proof, as he has recently signed an exclusive deal with YouTube, despite a history of controversy and feuds with other channels.

So, why is PewDiePie so popular? It seems like he lucked out with a combination of timing and talent, as he arrived on the scene just as the Twich and gaming community started to explode. His uploads are consistent in regularity and quality, which means he’s a YouTuber that viewers find dependable.

The Most Popular Overall for Daily Views

YouTube’s most popular child star, and the most successful in terms of global daily video views, is 6-year-old Russian Anastasia Radzinskaya, who appears on the Like Nastya channel.

Although her early appearances on YouTube were intended for family and friends, and doctors, as a demonstration that a cerebral palsy diagnosis was false, a video of Anastasia playing with some slime received several thousand views, and the family have taken it from there.

The secret to Like Nastya’s success is mostly down to her parents, who saw an opportunity in adapting content for a global market. With videos now edited and re-dubbed into several languages, they are now viewed 74,938,176 daily worldwide.

The Most Popular Genres for YouTubers


Entertainment is a pretty broad genre, so it’s hardly surprising that this is where people find the most success as YouTubers. PewDie Pie’s gaming-related entertainment is number one for the number of subscribers.

For daily views, the Mmoshaya channel is the most popular entertainment YouTube channel in the world. The wholesome family content produced by Mohammed Moshaya and his three children has attracted 11,873,860 views every day, and lucrative brand collaborations in the process.


While the most popular overall YouTuber, PewDiePie posts gaming-related content, it is classified in the Entertainment genre due to its overlap with other more general commentary.

Among the YouTubers who upload content consistently in the field of gaming, the talents of Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado (aka Fernanfloo) have attracted 36.6 million subscribers. His comedic touch and gaming talents mean that he is also the number one internet star in his home country, El Salvador.

For daily views, the Irish gamer Seán William McLoughlin, who goes by Jacksepticeye on YouTube, has the most at 4,503,446. The pressures of fame can be stressful, though, and Jacksepticeye has recently announced that’s he’s taking a break from the public eye.

How to...

Of the genres that produce the most successful YouTubers, How to... is number three. At the top of this field in both number of subscribers (11.1 million) and daily viewing figures (3,678,689), 李子柒 Li Ziqi has flourished.

With her calm and wholesome brand of food preparation videos, and demonstrations of making clothes and makeup from natural ingredients, the Chinese YouTuber has successfully brought the natural world to the global screen.

Global Entertainment

These YouTube success stories prove that there is a healthy audience around the world for a wide variety of content.

Some genres might be more popular than others, but ultimately it’s the engaging combination of talent, style, and ideas that make viewers want to subscribe and keep coming back to see their favourite YouTubers every day.

Check out this infographic to see which YouTubers from different countries are the most successful, and what kind of content they’re creating.

New map shows every country's most popular YouTube channel (and estimated earnings)

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