The Hits and Miss of Social Media Influencers During the COVID-19

With the global population under lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, many influencers found their sponsorship opportunities reaching an almost dead end.

However, to rectify their situation – and keep their audience engaged, many influencers started sharing ‘at home’ content such as wellness, cooking, and fitness. ‘Live’ content too gained momentum and the internet users saw a great surge in podcasts, talk shows, and online classes.

Trending topics such as awareness regarding the ‘new’ norms of living and Black Lives Matter were also discussed by social media influencers.

But besides the apparent topics, there was some content that saw a substantial growth rate among the influencers. Socialbakers, a social-media marketing company analyzed these topics by looking at around 8 million Instagram influencers between the months of March and August 2020. The content topics that they found to be more engaging included insurance, which saw a 35% increase amongst the audience.

Other topics include:

· Insurance (35%)

· Mobile phones (11.6%)

· Community issues (10.6%)

· Television (7.7%)

· Environmental concerns (6.6%)

· Recipe and cooking (5.7%)

· Politics (5.3%)

· Newspaper (3%)

· Legal matters (2.6%)

· Engineering (2.3%)

On the contrary, there were some topics that saw a huge decline in their engagement rate. Most of these topics related to the leisure and travel sector. For example, the topic of parties saw a 67.9% decrease. Content regarding music festivals and vacations also went into negative numbers of around 52.6% and 49% respectively.

· Performing arts (-45.5%)

· Sunglasses (-44%)

· Live events (-38%)

· Nightclubs (-35.6%)

· Wine (-32%)

· Hotels (-31.8%)

· Beaches (-29.5%)

Source: Businessinsider.

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