Imgur Announces An Ad-Free Subscription Service Based On Exclusive Features and Micropayments

If you have been a fan of Imgur in all these years for the amazing content they offer then the joy is just going to be doubled as the company is launching its own subscription service which will be based on ad-free user experience and exclusive community features like profile flair and the control in user’s hand to mute the tags they want across the site.

Surprisingly the new service, titled as Emerald, first came to life back in May but the company has now made a public announcement by bringing it in Imgur’s Android app. The service will also soon be available for iOS users as well.

While Emerald costs $5 a month, you still cannot subscribe to the service directly via Imgur. The company has partnered up with Coil - which offers micropayment services around the internet. So, once you pay a monthly sum to Coil, it pays out the outstanding amount to companies and creators that you love.

Hence, when you sign up for a coil subscription, then along with benefits coming from different services, Imgur makes Emerald open for the user to use images in the comments, user members-only avatar and block tag for images which you hate to see on site.

However, the partnership with Coil has its own disadvantages as well as Imgur won’t get all of $5 subscription per month if the Coil member has subscribed to other services as well with Imgur. If the case is otherwise, where the person is only using Imgur, Coil, for now, isn’t keeping its cut. Both companies are trying to grow their networks with the help of this partnership and increase the pool of payments as well. As a result, this will also turn out to be a good alternative to advertising for creators on the web.

Coil invested $20 million in Imgur last year and has also reached out to many creators and developers as well.

Furthermore, in support for Coil, Imgur CEO Alan Schaaf has also expressed how the internet has rapidly become a breeding ground for negativity, and just when that alone is enough, current business models also reward such bad behavior even if that includes mining and selling personal data or to create sensational headlines for driving clicks. But with Coil, the more users sign up, the less they will have to sign up for these traps.

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