2.7K TikTok App Installs, 1.38 Million Data Calls, 41.6 Million WhatsApp Shares: This Is What Happens in Just One Minute on Internet

The internet is full of activity, regardless of the time of the day. And the recent scenario – the COVID-19 pandemic has increased our usage of the World Wide Web as most of us are forced to stay indoors. From studying and work to communicating with friends and family – all our daily responsibilities are now being held through the virtual medium.

In this regard, Domo released an interesting infographic that indicates how much data is consumed on the internet every minute. The ‘Data Never Sleeps’ chart is released every year. However, with the surge in online activity, this year’s statistics are quite interesting.

For example, most of the global workforce is now conducting its operations from home. This has led to increased usage in communication tools such as Zoom. In fact, the meeting tool reports hosting more than 208,000 participants every minute.

With social gatherings paused to contain the spread of coronavirus, more and more people are now using social media networks to stay in touch with their loved ones.

According to Domo’s infographic:

· Facebook, the leading social media platform sees 147,000 photo uploads every minute.

· Twitter gains 319 users per minute.

· Instagram users post more than 347,000 Stories.

· Approximately 1,388,889 voice and video calls are made every 60 seconds.

· WhatsApp users share 41,666,667 messages each minute.

The global economy is also in dumps as a result of COVID-19. Since many people have lost jobs and businesses, LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for the job seekers with 69,444 applications being sent out every minute of the day.

As you can see, technology is a powerful asset that has been a savior in the recent testing times. For full details, take a look at the Infographic below!

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