The ad preference tool of Facebook will be easier to use with the control on the user's hands

Facebook is striving hard to comfort its users with the best. As a proof, Facebook recently announces that a feature featuring advertisement preferences is likely to be updated any time soon. Reportedly, this feature is not new yet needed a considerate bug fixed within an application.

This advanced ad tool aims to provide the most vital insights about the features they are offering their users to control advertisements on their accounts. The new portion of the Ad preference tool has three separate sections for each concerned issue to make it convenient to utilize.

Furthermore, it now includes a detailed description of each tool with an exact explanation of what will happen when.

The Facebook spokesperson states that it provides a more simplified way to the users to make the changes in their likings while having complete knowledge about it. It does proffer people with convenient navigation.

In one of the tweets, Product Manager Director of Facebook Rob Leathern confirmed that Facebook is planning to bring this update up to in the upcoming few months.

It is important to note that all the previous preferred tools will remain the same, yet in the most organized way. The three sections are advertisers, Ad topics, and Data. These portions highlight the controls that the users can access along with the significant detailings of the relation of each with each, and most significantly a broad and understandable informational data is also available to direct how this feature works.

Facebook has also provided the advertiser's strategy of tracking the concern of the users. It has gained the trust of the people concerning the activities of the company. It makes sure that their users are safe and convenient enough to use their applications.

Facebook assures that this update offers the person complete control over his profile by providing a way to manage the preferences, preserve its data, and a considerate awareness regarding the controlling measures of the user.

Notably, this update provides a controlled version of the already launched Ad preference tool within Facebook. The company holds that you can now store the ads that have already been shown and get an insight into the advertiser's activities. It allows you to choose which advertisement you want to see or mark from the designed list of the ad categories you can be interested in by Facebook.

To conclude, this update focuses on making this feature more advanced, controlled, and secured to ensure the positivity among its community.

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