Snapchats New Insights With Regional Statistics Can Help Mold Your Next Marketing Campaign

In spite of the fact that Facebook has desperately been trying to destroy Snapchat because of the fact that this social media platform has become a very intrinsic part of the culture of the younger demographics, Snapchat has managed to live on and grow. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that the growth rate Snapchat is seeing is definitely a lot less than it could have been due to the reason that Facebook used its own platform as well as Instagram to destabilize it.

However, the growth seen by Snapchat in the past year is quite interesting. Snapchat has seen a 17% increase in total users from this same quarter last year, bringing its total count up to 238 million. This year Snapchat also gave some regional insights which can prove to be useful to marketers. These insights revealed that Snapchat is most popular in the USA where it has 108 million people that an ad can reach over the course of a few days.

The US is followed by Europe where Snapchat is used by around 77 million people that an average ad could potentially end up reaching with the right kinds of resources. The Middle East comes next with 55 million, followed by South America with 32 million. India is also a big market for Snapchat with 30 million reachable addresses. Coming in last was Australia with six million reachable addresses, although Australia has quite a small population so proportionally this is still enormously significant.

These figures can be instrumental for anyone that is trying to create a specific kind of marketing campaign, one that is based on a variety of essential factors. International marketing through Snapchat is on the rise and it is certainly going to get even better from here based on these numbers.

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Featured photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty
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