Shopping becomes more advanced as Facebook announces to bring new eCommerce features for the Facebook app as well as Instagram

Due to coronavirus pandemic, many things have changed around us. One important trend that has seen tremendous growth amidst the pandemic is that of online shopping and eCommerce.

Back in May 2020, Facebook had announced to bring the ‘Shops’ feature on the app and on Instagram too. Instagram has recently launched a revamped ‘Shops’ section in its app which provides users with a chance to skim through various products from their preferred brands and creators just like they would see a catalog in an actual shop. Discussions about these products with the creators are also possible through direct messaging.

Facebook has now announced several new eCommerce features for both the apps. The functionality of Instagram ‘Shops’ is being taken on the Facebook app too. The company is launching a new section called ‘Facebook Shop’ in the US currently. This shop will also provide the users, ability to browse products from different businesses. An important point to note is that Facebook Shop is different from Facebook Marketplace; the latter is designed for peer to peer sales.

Although at first glance, both Instagram and Facebook shops look alike, the company emphasizes that they are slightly different from each other and both will bring unique shopping experiences for the users.

Facebook has also announced several new eCommerce features to make the shopping experience more profound. The businesses that will be running on Facebook Shops will have different tools to design attractive layout for their shops, a real-time preview of collections will be available, and the ability to create new Shops for new sellers too. Interested customers will be able to contact the sellers through a new messaging option that will be available on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

For Instagram Shops, a new ‘checkout’ feature is in the pipeline and is expected to come in the coming weeks. This feature will either be managed through Facebook’s Commerce Manager or through bigger platforms like BigCommerce or Shopify, which have more integrated and advanced systems. The important news is that Instagram will be waiving its checkout fee for the rest of the year 2020.

Facebook is also working around Live Shopping experience for the users through Instagram Live. Sellers show off their products in live video and customers browse through the highlighted products, take instant shopping decisions, and make payments right away just like they would do in a physical shop. This feature is also available currently for American Instagram users.

Let us wait and see when these features will be available for the rest of the world. Hopefully soon!

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