Choreograph unique steps and dance along with Facebook’s latest AI feature now

Facebook has recently developed a new Artificial Intelligence system which can create unique dance steps based on a musical input. This project is meant to help choreographers and newbie dancers to help them come up with more creative and innovative styles of dancing.

Facebook says that this system analyzes any music track from any genre, and then within a few moments it spins out some synchronized moves. The system’s code detects quantifiable similarities in a song at two different points in time, then searches for similar mathematical patterns in a giant matrix of dance steps and sequences. Since the system works to create synchronized movements, it can create unique dance steps that are highly creative and thoroughly refreshing in comparison to other generated dances, as reviewed by human dance judges.

This does not mean that AI can take over human intelligence, or this system is superior to what human dancers can create. As Facebook says that their system is not meant to replace human thought process or the creative process that goes in choreographing, but it is only there to help or enhance the human effort. This system is going to combine the best of two worlds- human creations and machine excellence.

Researchers have made a lot of progress in teaching machines, perception, language, and reasoning. But teaching them how to be creative and how to generate aesthetic attributes has been a huge challenge. Now, Facebook claims that their AI system has achieved this feat and it will someday provide inspiration and creative insights for dancers and choreographers. Even this system may work exceptionally well in fitness apps and video games where people can imitate the steps being generated by it.

Facebook is often accused of copying other apps, and this time, it seems that the inspiration has been taken from the famous short-form video-sharing app, TikTok. But of course, the process and system are a lot better and more technical. Although Facebook’s creative team is not so happening, it seems that this new AI project will bring out their creative and innovative sides too. And more dancing means fun, so maybe this dancing feature will bring more people to join Facebook too?

The AI is very interesting, but it is slightly overwhelming too. Dance is something that comes from within, and it is supposed to bring a sheer sense of freedom, joy, peace, harmony, and so much more. Free dancing is very uplifting, but now, Facebook has brought something which will make the reliance on machines more, even for something that comes very naturally and on a very basic instinctive level. Let us see how people react to this new feature and how it fares well for Facebook?

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