Scribd is acquiring LinkedIn's presentation platform SlideShare

It has reported that Slideshare aims to gain a new partnership with LinkedIn, sharing the presentation service to Scribd for an announced price. Notedly, Scribd is a renowned digital library with thousands of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, archives, etc. On the other hand, Slideshare is a web service for presentations and content makers for professional business users. According to LinkedIn, Scribd will take command of the Slideshare business on the 24th of September.

Trip Adler, the CEO of Scribd, has calimed that both of these firms have the same origin. They both focus on the same work nature that is of documentation and sharing of the content.

According to Adler, both Slideshare and Scribd have the relatable aim and purpose of work. However, they both differ in the quality of concentration from each other. Slideshare has a significant focus on the Powerpoint slides for presentations and the consumers related to business. Whereas, Scribd holds the main focus on Pdf documents and Word documents along with the content written in the long-form, focusing on the local users.

However, with the time, these two companies, namely Scribd and LinkedIn, get more apart as Microsoft has updated to acquire LinkedIn in nearly 2016 that has itself acquired Slideshare in 2012. Henceforth, Scribd develops a new service for the subscription of its books, both the electronic and audiobooks, following a method used by Netflix.

Moreover, it has two subscription services mainly, basic and the premium one, but both have the considerate focus on the business users. Adler has claimed that they do gather the consumers first that approach to search for their concerned documents. We then ask them to apply for the premium services to accommodate luxurious services. Business users not only sign up for it but also read the documents with the best concentration.

According to the recent reports, when LinkedIn and Microsoft have presented their thoughts to the CEO of acquiring Slideshare, Adler has availed this chance to consolidate a plethora of presentations of Slideshare. This opportunity can help him to double the size of the library of its documents and content and also attract its large number of visitors and more towards his platform, Scribd. Moreover, he has acclaimed with this news that they are not expanding their workforce instead is only extending the services with the same responsible employer's team.

This initiative is remarkable to make more audiences to dive in the considerate river of knowledge, proffering the consumers and the readers to experience an extensive list of writings and contents in a single platform.

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