Beware YouTubers, Bloggers and Publishers! Google to Stop Offering Western Union AdSense Payments

Google’s Adsense program has created a lot of opportunities for people that were trying to make it so that they could earn a decent amount of money online. Back in 2007, Google made it possible for webmasters, bloggers, and publishers (who lack a bank account) to receive payments accumulated in their Adsense accounts via Western Union, something that has become a very widely utilized manner to get paid. However, with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that Google has announced that Western Union is no longer going to be an option for people that want to withdraw their money.

Users that wish to select Western Union will no longer have it as an option if they have not yet selected any kind of payment mode. Those that had selected it before August 10th, which is when the option was removed, will have about six to eight months to select a new option. The reasons behind this big step might have something to do with Google trying to roll out its own payment systems as well as an unwillingness to rely on third parties to disburse payments to people that might have earned money using Adsense. Another reason can be the growing restrictions on tech giants from governments all across the world, as a lot of tax collection authorities want all financial transactions to go through proper banking channels so that they could track and impose their local tax laws.

Whatever the reasons for Google deciding to drop Western Union as a payment option, it’s fair to say that this will have quite a widespread impact on small creators who rely on Adsense. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that a lot of countries out there do not have access to global payment and banking systems. These countries have a lot of people that earn through Adsense, and Western Union was once the only reliable way for them to get their money.

No longer having this as an option means that many people that rely on this money will be scrambling to find different ways to make things work out for them. The impact that this will have on the internet economy will be quite tremendous. One thing that might change is that developing economies might no longer have the same level of access to Adsense earnings, and this might make it so that only privileged people who are able to find loopholes around restrictions in their countries would be able to earn. It remains to be seen whether this will truly have a negative impact or if people will just figure out other ways to receive payments thereby making this not quite as much of an issue.

What to do now: If you are a YouTube creator and Blogger we suggest you to change your AdSesne revenue withdraw option to a Bank account to avoid any hassle in the near future.

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