Microsoft Takes Steps to Promote Latest Version of Edge

Microsoft’s web browser woes have always been well known. The tech giant has managed to become the industry standard when it comes to consumer facing desktop operating systems, and while it has failed to capture the smartphone OS market it has still managed to maintain its previous successes as well as expanding into social media with LinkedIn. Web browser’s are still something that Microsoft struggles with, and its latest Edge browser is no exception.

Suffice it to say that people are just not willing to start using Microsoft Edge on a regular basis, possibly due to a bad taste left in their mouths because of Internet Explorer and its notorious inefficiency. In order to mitigate this situation, Microsoft appears to be taking steps to force users to have Edge on their systems, or at the very least ensure that Windows users have Edge on their computers regardless of whether or not they would end up using it any point in time.

Microsoft recently confirmed in a post that users can’t uninstall Edge from their computers if they are using Windows 10. The most likely reason for Microsoft opting for this kind of a setup has to do with probability. If all Windows 10 users have Edge on their systems, this means that at least a few of them would eventually end up trying it out and many of these experimenters could be converted into regular users if the product is truly as good as Microsoft has been attempting to make it.

Another thing that people should note is that Microsoft is not just trying to look into make users try out just any version of Edge. Much on the contrary, the tech giant is taking steps to promote latest version of Edge, which has been built using Google’s Chromium platform which Google Chrome itself is based on, above all others. This is probably the most stable version of the browser along with being more efficient due to it being based on the Chromium platform. In order to facilitate the Chromium based Edge being widely adopted, Microsoft is phasing out support for the legacy version of the browser by the 9th of March 2021.

What’s more is that all of the latest versions of Windows will automatically now have the Chromium based version of Edge. Microsoft is clearly pushing this browser quite hard and this is an attempt to try and decrease Google’s share of this particular market.

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