Google News Has Started Giving Weather Alerts

There was a time not all that long ago where most phones, whether Android or iOS, had some kind of a weather apps. These apps were phased out as time went by due to the lack of benefits that they provided whilst taking up space on the phone. With Android, the News and Weather app was changed to the Google News app and started focusing solely on news. However, temperature updates could still be seen at the top of the app which is something that was quite important because of the fact that it helped to connect the app to its initial roots which really are quite important if you think about it.

It seems like the weather based origin of this app is about to get some improvements. The feature has been rolled out (as updated in the Version History section of iOS app), however, currently it is unconfirmed that either you can toggle on or off the feature based on your preferences. If you have received the update, a red ALERT will be visible on the app, and if you were to tap on this you would find that a forecast for the next few days would be available for you along with extreme weather alerts (if any) in the app. This is useful because of the fact that people would get warned about dangerous weather in their area including heat waves, storms and other kinds of extreme condition. This can be particularly useful in areas where bad weather ends up costing a lot of lives.

In many ways this is a streamlining of what the app used to be. Instead of going the broadcast TV route of putting the news and the weather on an equal footing, Google has slimmed the app down to focus on news whilst also providing weather updates to those that want to be able to make the most of them.

H/T: 9to5Google.

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