Google adds New Features in Search to Help People Easily Find Live TV Shows and Sports

Google has added several features to Google Search in the United States to make it convenient for people to watch live TV shows and sports. Now, when users will ask ‘What to watch’ on Google Search, it will suggest what is live on TV, and sporting search results will also include live watch options. The new features being added to Google Search will help users to quickly find where they can watch live TV shows and sports games.

Group Product Manager Google Search, Satyajeet Saigar, stated in a blog post that sports games across the globe look a little different in 2020, with necessary precautionary measures to keep officials, players, as well as fans safe. He added that since the cheering section has been moved to the couch, people are asking what channel in the game on. So, the company has now added new features to Search in the United States to help people quickly find the live sports they are looking for.

Now, when users search for queries such as ‘how to watch the A’s game’ or ‘where to watch the Clippers game’ on their mobile, they will see information on how to tune in locally. Users can also find live viewing options by searching for particular games they are interested in or for the individual team. For instance, if you type ‘Cubs game’ in the search bar, Google Search will display you where you watch it.

Back in September of 2019, Google rolled out the TV show and movie recommendations feature powered by a simple swipe. Now, Google Search is expanding this feature with carousels of live content from cable channels and broadcast stations. The ‘On TV Now’ carousel displays users programming across various channels that are currently live. On the other hand, the ‘On TV later’ carousel display users the suggestions for future programming.

Furthermore, when you will search for your favorite team, Google Search will also display live TV options for Major League Baseball (MLB) and NBA games. On Thursday, the company stated that users can also find live TV options by searching for an individual team. The company plans to integrate more leagues into Search in the future. The company has also added a new ‘Live on’ button in Google Search which will display all the live TV options in the area of a user. Currently, these features support a ‘variety’ of network and cable channels in the United States, and the company hopes to include more digital streaming options in the future.

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