Google Maps is now bringing a revamped ‘Saved’ tab with some additional features

Google Maps is considered as one of the most powerful and widely used mapping applications. This year, Maps has turned fifteen years old, and in February, on its 15th anniversary, several changes were made, and new features were added in an effort to redesign Maps. The logo was also redesigned, and several tabs were added in the redesigned format. Now, Google Maps has started rolling out a new tab called ‘Saved’. This tab supports several interesting carousels.

The first carousel that can be seen is ‘Recently Saved.’ You can find all your recently saved locations here easily. Each card will show you a cover image, name of the place, and a brief description along with the information of where it is stored in.

The second carousel is named ‘Nearby Saved.’ This functions particularly well if the location is enabled. It will give you the information about all the nearby places sorted by distance and arranged in such a way that while you are looking for a location, it will help you make the decision easily. When you open a location, you will see options like ‘Save in Favorites,’ and ‘Are you here now,’, along with ‘measure distance’ and ‘Add a missing place.’

Then, the next carousel is ‘Visited,’ which shows locations according to time and day, places, cities, and regions based on the country, etc. If you want to see a place where you went some time back, you can easily find it here in your ‘Visited’ carousel. You can explore your timeline here as well, and that will not only help you sort out places to re-visit, but it will also be sort of a memento or a reminder of all the good places, cities, countries you have been to. It is quite interesting to be able to map your steps backward if you need to revisit, and with this feature, this thing can be achieved.

Then, at the bottom comes ‘Your Lists.’ It has four default lists which include ‘Favorites,’ ‘Want to go,’ ‘Starred Places,’ and ‘Labelled.’ You can add more lists if you want, but these default lists also pretty much cover everything that anyone would want to save.

These updates have rolled out for most users on Android, and it is not known when it will be available for iOS. However, these are some interesting changes and people will most likely give positive feedback to them.

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