Google Is Bringing Ancient AR Creatures Such As Crustacean To Its Arts & Culture App

Google is adding some new augmented reality experiences to the much-loved Art & Culture application. The company is bringing several ancient AR creatures to the app. The Arts & Culture app allows users to visit and view some of the most renowned creations in the world from galleries as well as museums across the globe. The company announced Google’s latest collaboration in a blog post, with the company teaming with Moscow’s State Darwin Museum, and London’s Natural History Museum to bring a ton of ancient creatures back to life and viewable in augmented reality.

Although the company has not yet published the complete list of new additions, users will see those additions as soon as they fire up the app in the ‘new today’ section in the ‘Reality Check’ exhibit. The list of creatures and historical items include Aegirocassis, Cambropachycope, Opabinia, and Blue Whale skeleton. Aegirocassis is a 480 million old marine animal while Cambropachycopeis the owner of the oldest preserved eye. On the other hand, the blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived on this planet, and opabinia is a 500 million-year-old creature that had five eyes. Users can find all of the augmented reality experiences via the Arts & Culture AR portal.

In a blog post, Michelle Luo Product Manager, Google Arts & Culture wrote that in collaboration with Moscow’s State Darwin Museum, and London’s Natural History Museum, the company is bringing a menagerie of prehistoric creatures back to digital life, and you can see them up close via your smartphone using AR.

Furthermore, with the new changes, you will also be able to see the Apollo 11 command module, explore million-dollar artworks from artists such as Monet, and even gaze upon ancient artifacts such as the Berlin Gold Hat. Although Museums might be hard to visit these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, users can explore these exhibits on their own from the comfort of their home courtesy of AR and Arts & Culture app. You do not need to update the Google Arts & Culture app to use the new augmented reality exhibits since they are available in the Arts & Culture application right now.

If you want to start learning about history, culture, and nature in new dimensions, you should explore Google’s collection of objects in augmented reality and install the Google Arts & Culture app on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded from Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store.

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